Hello world!

Well, let me start by saying that I was very resistant to blog but finally gave in so what you will see here will be my wall of resistance tearing down.  Hopefully what else you will find here will be my ranting and ravings about everything but mostly about scrapbooking which I hope to be sharing tips and tricks along with passing on information from other persons interested in the same thing. 

I guess I should let you know the origins behind the name From the Owls Nest….I have a son and grandson who keep me from working on anything during the day so I have adjusted my hours (not really, have always been a night person) so that I can work on my projects during the night while they are sleeping.  I am often referred to as a night owl from family and friends (who often don’t understand my need to work at night) so hence the name….From the Owls Nest.

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