Scrapbook Sketches

If you are a scrapbooker, more than likely you are involved with one or more message boards and/or galleries.  I am active with two right now, and also  Both are great online communities and I like them both for different reasons.  This is just my opinions, by the way……….

The Fiskateers are headed by five “leads” who are oh so generous and giving.  There are giveaways, challenges and RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness…in other words, free stuff!!!) all the time.  The leads are truly genuine people who are interested in and encourage and support you in all your projects.  The community is close and they embrace new members. is a great community with the best gallery I have found online.  Inspiration and talent is very evident there.  I can say with absolute conviction that some of the members, if not already, need to be published.  Lots and lots of talent there but I also found that the challenges and contests tend to be very limited.  Sure, you can enter but there seems to be alot of cliques there. 

With that being said, I do want to share with you a very talented lady that I found on who designs layout sketches.  Pictured above is one of her sketches.  Her name is Liz Qualman and her online name is Q-diggity.  Below is a link to her online sketch gallery…….please, if you use her sketches, acknowledge her design.  She has been generous enough to share them with us so that is the least we can do.   Please post back here and share your creations if you use one….I would love to see it.

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