Waldo, Where Are You

Okay, so this is me telling my age again….do you remember looking for Waldo…I ended up hating that guy after searching everywhere for him and prayed he stayed lost somewhere.  But on a lighter note, here are a couple of events going on around here and where you will find ME, not Waldo.

Sept 13 — ChesterFest (Chester, VA in the Village Green) – a craft and festival featuring local vendors with their handmade and homemade items.  Also a great event and loaded with people.  I will be selling my kits there and hopefully picking up some more people that would like to join my already great group of ladies and take some classes.   10am-5pm

Sept 27 — Scrapbooking Yard Sale (Quality Inn in Chester) – this event used to be held at the fairgrounds but now has changed hands and will now be at the Quality Inn.  This event will have persons selling their own individual scrapbook supplies and also companies selling their product below market price.  Should be a fun event so try and make it out.  For more information, please visit my friend, Bekah, here…………. http://www.alittlebitofhereandthere.blogspot.com/

MORE LATER!!!!!!!!!

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