What if Bart Simpson and Stewie were one child……and that one child was named Phoenix

Okay, I am back and have told myself that I am going to try and post at least three times a week.  I have been super busy with my son starting school this year so Mommy has been volunteering alot so that the apron strings can be stretched but not severed if you know what I mean.  It has been really hard for me to let my son go to school.   I am trying to analyze it and can come up with a couple theories……one, I know he is my last child so I am having trouble letting him go and/or two, my child is a little lot on the bad side (think Bart Simpson and Stewie from Family Guy rolled into one) so I know that while I let him slide on quite a few things, other people are not going to find him so cute and adorable as I do looking through my love goggles. 

Sooooo…this is what I am facing…..the second day of school, I had a lunch aide come to me and tell me about Phoenix calling her a brat and telling her to get away from him.  The bus driver mentioned me over on the third day to let me know that Phoenix insists on being in the front seat and will not accept it any other way, in other words, he had a fit.   And to top it off, on Friday, I get a message on my phone that his teacher wants to meet with me….remember, this has only been the first week and not even a full week but a 4 day week.  

Who gets into that much trouble the first week of school but my child….geeezzz.   Boy, do I have a school year ahead of me.  Maybe if I keep volunteering at the school and bringing the teacher gifts, maybe they can overlook how bratty my child really is (keep your fingers crossed for me).

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