Coming Up…..

Hello my friends, here is yet another update for where I will be for the month of November.  It is going to be a busy month as the season is gearing up for craft shows where I will, along with my friends, be participating.  Hopefully, I will gain some more people for classes to join the lovely and loyal ladies I have now.  We have such a blast but more about that later. 

NOV 1 — myself and friends will be driving to Hersey, PA for the Fiskars Event.  We will be staying at the Hersey Lodge and cropping until midnight.  Somewhere in between, we will be taking a tour of the chocolate factory (yummy) so I plan to post pictures later of that event. 

NOV 4 — I will be voting, are you?

NOV 5 — Class at the Chester Library (thanksgiving two page layout…I think) – 6pm

NOV 15 — Craft Show

NOV 19 — Class at the newly renovated Meadowdale Library – 6pm

NOV 22 — Craft Show at Thomas Dale High School /My friends daughter is getting married so I will also be attending the reception and helping out.

NOV 25 — Class at the Meadowdale Library – 6pm

So that is all from the owls nest until next month!!

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