My Trip to Hershey PA

Wow….how else can I describe the event that Fiskars put on in Hershey.  It was fantastic fun and I got to meet so many new friends.  This event was for the Fiskateers and Wendy Jo (a lead Fiskateer) did a superb job planning, organizing and launching this great event.  There were so many surprises and wonderful guest speakers –Kathleen Ried, author of “A Page Out of Life”;  a really wonderful book about a group of scrapbookers and Karl “booze boy” who gave us a chocolate tasting class (so now we are referred to as chocolate snobs).  We also had a grand trolley ride that told you the bittersweet story of Milton Hershey’s life.  We visited Chocolate World and let me tell you, I have never seen so much chocolate paraphernalia in one place — it was like letting drug addicts roam around a crack house.  Of course, we kept busy back at the hotel by looking at everyone else’s albums (let me tell ya….there was alot of talent packed in that one room), meeting other Fiskateers, and just having a wonderful time.  But like Cinderella, all good things must come to an end and at the stroke of midnight, we were shuffled out the door and returned to our rooms just to spread our goodies on the bed to take one last look before we drifted off and dreamed of candy kisses dancing in our heads.  And like true scrapbookers, we had plugged in the TomTom, a location for a local scrapbook store and what to our surprise (not really), we found ourselves surrounded by other Fiskateers.  We were told of yet another scrapbook store in the next town over (oh sweet joy) and when we got there, another Fiskateer reunion proceeded with lots of chatter and shopping.  Now remember that we had four people plus all our clothes, scrapbooking supplies and now Fiskar goodies loaded in the car so we had to enforce the strict rule that if we bought anything in the local scrapbooking stores, we had to carry it in our laps the rest of the way home (small price to pay for all the yummies we got).   So with very fond memories and lots of chocolate fuel, we reluctantly headed back home.  Thanks Fiskars, Wendy Jo, Carrie (from Brains on Fire), and Hershey Lodge for wonderful fun filled weekend. 

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One Response to My Trip to Hershey PA

  1. Wendy Jo says:

    So glad you had a great time. Wait till you see the Fiskateer blog post that I’m writing to post this weekend 🙂

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