US Wounded Troops

                                                                                                                                                                           I have been surrounded by the greatest friends I have had in my life and am active with an online community that is the epitome of giving and sharing.  That got me to thinking that maybe I need to pay it forward.  I got to thinking what can I do to help someone and an idea came to me that since I am surrounded by paper pirates and friends who love to create, why not create sets of arcChristmas cards to send to our troops so that they in turn can send them to their loved ones. 

My next step was finding a direction so I contacted the American Red Cross who suggested another great idea —- right here in Richmond, Va is a huge veterans hospital that cares for wounded soldiers all over the world.  They suggested I make the card sets for these individuals who may not have the capabilities to go out and purchase them on their own…..what a great idea!!  So I turned to my friends and the wonderful community of Fiskateers who I am proud to say that many have stepped up to create a set of cards for this wonderful cause.   American Red Cross has even stepped up and said that they would have a stamp drive to raise enough stamps to go on every card that we create. 

I have a goal to give each and every wounded soldier their own set.  At last count, the American Red Cross representative said that there were around 480 individuals so this is where you can help out………..if you are willing, please make a set of 10-12 cards, similar in design and color, any size but must include an envelope with each card.  Tie the set together with a piece of ribbon and by December 1st, please send to :

Sharon Sprouse, 4738 Arundel Ave, Richmond, Va 23234

Please, please get out that paper and help me if you can — I know it will mean so much to the soldiers and their loved ones.

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3 Responses to US Wounded Troops

  1. mardi#2569 says:

    I love your blog Sharon! Miss you! You have a heart of gold!

  2. MaryNSC 1121 says:

    Thank you for letting us help.. HUGS MARY

  3. Mardi says:

    Hey Sharon,
    Are you busy? I miss you!

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