Delivery of Christmas Cards to Wounded Soldiers

This morning myself and a friend, Debra Hoyle, went to deliver all those beautiful card sets that were made for the wounded soldiers to the VA hospital here in Richmond, Virginia.  We were met by two representatives of the American Red Cross, Kim and Sandi, who are so enthusiastic about what they do, it was truly contagious.  They introduced us to Renee who is in the army and Jason who is a Marine whose presence confirmed the feeling that what little we do can never repay them for what they do every day.  The cards were taken around to the rooms and distributed to the men and women who wanted/neededthem.  From what I understand, the cards were going to be delivered to patients with spinal, brain and multiple injuries first.  Everyone was so appreciative and it gave me a wonderful feeling to be able to deliver them. 

Now I must tell you about all the wonderful people who contributed to this huge pile of cards…I put out a call to my friends who I scrap with locally and the Fiskateers ( and told them what I wanted to do…next thing I know my friends were bringing me card sets everytime we met to scrap and packages from the Fiskateers started arriving in the mail.  I ended up collecting over 560 cards in 55 sets and could not have done it without the generous help and talent of my many local friends and online friends.  Many even contributed the stamps for each envelope……I am truly blessed to be surrounded by so many loving and caring souls!!  I can’t thank you enough guys for being there when asked and giving from your heart, creative spirit and stash!!!!!  Each of you should feel a great sense of pride for what you have come together and accomplished.  Love you all!!!

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2 Responses to Delivery of Christmas Cards to Wounded Soldiers

  1. mardi#2569 says:

    You are so welcome Sharon! I loved this project and I only wish I would have sent more! How can we ever thank those Vets for what they have given up for keeping us safe?!?!?!

  2. Donna says:

    Hi Sharon I am just wandering around your lovely site and I would like it very much if you would let me know when or if you make more cards for the vets. I would like to send some to help out. If you could just PM me. #4454 It is a fantastic thing you do. Thanks

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