As most of you know (unless you have joined me from blogland), I put together kits for my friends here locally.  I grab the supplies, design the two 12×12 pages, type up some instructions and then sell them for $10 each.  My friends love being able to create something fast and easy.  I know most kits you find on the internet and in scrapbooking groups, you will get loads of paper and embellishments and then you create something from that but my friends enjoy these kits because there is no stress….you just follow the instructions and you have a two page layout done in no time.  Since I dont scrapbook for myself often (usually designing kits and materials for class), I had a duh moment when I realized that I should be adding my own pictures to the kit examples so I can at least get some of my pictures scrapped which is what I did.   The pictures are not as vibrant as the layouts themselves (blame it on my camera) but here are some examples of the kits I put together, with and without pictures.  Enjoy!!The Beauty of FallJollyHull Christmas PartyPeaceGirly Layout

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One Response to Kits

  1. mardi#2569 says:

    Wow you are one busy chick! Awesome LOs! Bet your friends love you and you do not charge them hardly anything! What a friend! Miss you!

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