You Crackle Me Up

This is a layout that I did recently made using crackle paint which was so much fun.  I am not that person who has used crackle paint for furniture or anything so this was a new experience for me and I just love how it turned out and I can see myself using this for many different layouts.   Now just have to wait until it snows here in Virginia…..while everyone else is getting blasted with heavy winter weather, we have not had any snow here and I even bought my son a pair of red gloves to go with his blue coat just so they will color coordinate with this layout. 

Quick how to for those interested: 

snow-006      1.  Just paint a base acrylic color (I used red) and let dry.  This is the color that will be seen in between the cracks when you have a finished project. 

2.  Use a crackle medium and paint over your base-coat.  You can find this for really cheap in any craft store.  Let dry.

3.  Now add a top coat of a different color acrylic paint then you used for the basecoat (I used white).   Just let dry and your cracks will appear fairly quick as the drying time is really fast. 

Pretty simple, huh?  I would love to see what you make using this technique. 

Please email me a picture at


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2 Responses to You Crackle Me Up

  1. mardi#2569 says:

    Have you son run up to my house, I have plenty of snow for him to play in. We had some freezing, brrrrrrrr, freezing, brrrrrrrr temps this past week, below zero most of the time! I think I am gonna pack my bads and move some where warm!!! Oh I wish I could!!!

  2. mardi#2569 says:

    Forgot to tell you, your blog is looking awesome, I love the new look!

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