Twilight Confused???


I know, I know…..I am seven years behind on watching this.  I told myself I was not going to rent this and watch it because it seemed like such a “teen” thing.  But my niece came over and really wanted to rent it so we did.  After watching it, I was left with a feeling of disappointment (yeah, I know I will have lots of enemies over this one).  I guess with all the hype, I really expected something alot different or shall we even say BETTER.   I guess I can even understand teens getting into the whole hype but my mind will just not comprehend why an adult would go “gaga” over this movie and characters.  My guess is that the book is more interesting as they always tend to be so maybe I will give the book a try.  

As far as the plot goes, it just felt so done before.  Let’s face it, we have all been seduced before with movies like “The Lost Boys” and “Interview with a Vampire”.  One was a comedy and the other was a drama and both were quite good in my opinion but with Twilight, there was no edge, no rawness, no comedy, no surprise, no anything that made me feel like saying at the end “wow….that was a good movie”.   And let me just clarify, I felt that some of the characters were likable but not the main ones…how weird, huh.   Edward’s “dad” and “mom”  were perhaps the only ones that even came close to being great characters but you didn’t get enough of them throughout the movie to create a lasting impression.

And let’s not talk about the scenes…….I have heard and read over and over about the whole “Edward takes Bella to the trees” scene like it was a cinematic miracle…….but to me, it was just odd looking and boring.  It looked like actors on wires, very awkward and flat.  To me, the best scene in the movie was the baseball game which in itself was very odd……I mean, come on, vampires playing baseball……but it kinda worked with the movie, I guess.  

I guess everyone has an opinion and that in itself is a good thingbut trust me, this gal will not be lining up to see a sequel!!!  And I am sure that some may say that my age is a factor (and it very well may be) and that I am not “kewl” enough to get Twilight but in the end, a good movie is a good movie, a great movie is a great movie and then there is the rest.

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3 Responses to Twilight Confused???

  1. mardi says:

    I have no interest what so ever in Twilight! Thanks for the review!

  2. Elena Lai Etcheverry says:

    The book is soooooo much better. I was so disapointed in the movie. give the book a read though. totally worth it!

  3. Bekah Cowne says:

    I LOOOOOVVVEEE the books! I hope the next movie is closer to the books. It is hard to convey the emotion in the movie though. I was a little disappointed in the movie too:(

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