Mother’s Day and a Layout

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day…….I woke up and found myself with a huge blister on the back of my left heel (I walked the RACE FOR THE CURE the day before).  No pain but wow, sure is ugly.  I will spare you the picture (cause you know I took one of it to scrapbook) but I will wear my battle scar proudly!!!!

So my husband and son figured that it would be a good idea to go to Pocohontas State Park and go fishing (yes, you are not confused….it is Mothers Day not Fathers Day).  I really enjoy fishing and thought it would be a great idea to get out and enjoy the beautiful day.  So off we went, obtained our fishing licenses and spent the day at the park. 

My youngest daughter and her boyfriend joined us later, as we were leaving, but they followed us home and she surprised me with a beautiful card that she made and one of my favorite meals (a garlic and oil pasta) from a resturant called Sergios.  My oldest daugher came over and gave me a card that she had found and was so proud of….the card was like a mini scrapbook with her filling in some journaling.  

And I completed a layout revolved around Mothers Day from a challenge over at LIFE PRESERVERS.  Just a fun and quirky layout that I totally love once it was completed. 

 Mommy Dearest (1)

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One Response to Mother’s Day and a Layout

  1. Katamommy says:

    What a great Mother’s Day you had, I haven’t been fishing in forever! I’ve been researching getting one of those vintage canned ham trailers to use for camping and stuff like that. I love your pictures, you’re so beautiful! Now on to that layout: I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS LAYOUT! (Trying to figure out if I live close enough to her to swipe it) LOL Everything about it, I’m such an Old Hollywood freak and this page is PERFECT for Mother’s Day (in a crazy sort of way) LOL Great job, I can’t gush enough so I’m on my way to LPS to gush some more there! lol

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