Is Prima Hiring…hehehehe

So most of you know that I absolutely love the Prima sprays and vines…I mean who doesn’t.   I had an earlier post HERE explaining (or maybe not so much explaining as drooling over) the Prima vines that I had gotten in a group buy at LIFE PRESERVERS.  Here is a picture of my grand purchase:

Anyway, I got to thinking that maybe I should try a hand at making my own since I had already seriously depleted my supply (note to Prima…don’t worry, I still love you and will never stop buying your wonderful stuff!!!!).  So I sit down and created two very different styles…… with pinkish white roses and a butterfly and the other with orange flowers and spiders (guess I must be in Halloween mode).   I think they turned out okay considering I don’t work for Prima (call me!!!)……hehehehe.  Thanks for looking!! 

Take care and be safe, Sharon

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One Response to Is Prima Hiring…hehehehe

  1. Gabrielle says:

    I posted to the wrong blog entry!! I love these vines! They are incredible!

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