The New Cricut Imagine

Okay so there has been lots of talk talk talk about the new Imagine on all the boards.  I knew that it would print and cut and even heard once that it would be able to sew on layouts……..well, I was all in if it could do all that.  But come to find out, the sewing notion was just a myth.   So what does that leave….a machine that could print and cut for $499 (HSN price)….I’m not sold yet.   

But lucky for me, I have a friend who happened to purchase one and it arrived the other day.  She called me over to play (okay, really to help her set it up but then she let me play…HA…love ya Brenda)!!   So getting all hands on was a blast.  We ohhed and ahhhed several times and even made a full layout (below).  

One BIG plus is that the papers and patterns are ever SO beautiful, at least on the three cartridges (that can only be used with the Imagine by the way and run about $70-80 right now) that she got with the machine.   Some of the papers remind me of a cross between the beloved and fallen DaisyD and MyMind’sEye and hey, who can go wrong with that combo.  Also, some of the images were so vintage/shabby chic that I could not resist drooling over them and so I was told to not stand too close to the machine.  Paper and images — major points for the Imagine. 

Overall, I don’t think I will be buying the machine but I AM glad that my friend has one and that I will be able to play with it.  I will also go so far to say that I will buy one or two Imagine cartridges to take over her house to play some more because it really is fun to design your own images and papers.  With that being said, I DO believe it is a perfect machine for someone who doesn’t have alot of room for supplies and wants to complete layouts in a short amount of time.   Not to mention that there has been big hints that there will be some really great and amazing updates to the machine!!!  In no way was this meant to be a review of the product itself, just writing down my experiences and thoughts…….so go out and experience it for yourself and let me know what you think…….I would love to hear pros and cons!!!!!

My first Cricut Imagine layout…….all the papers (except the cardstock), the frame and the images (girl, balloons, tag) were made on the machine.  The flowers are actually cut out from one of the printed papers.  The balloon image was printed twice so I could pop dot, the girls dress, her hair, flowers and the tag were all also pop dotted.  I added little pieces of ribbon to her ponytails, her dress and the frame.  Also added were the mini alphas. 

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