Friend of a Friend

So I had a friend email me and say, I have something that you might like to do….okay, I’m intrigued, tell me more.    Turns out a friend of HERS had wanted to find someone to frame and “embellish” a wedding invitation that SHE had planned to give as a wedding gift to a couple that SHE knew……anyway, you get my point, friend of a friend.

   I love projects so I decided to take it on sight unseen.  But when I saw what I had to work with, I was delighted.  To start with, the frame was really well made and was exactly something that I would have picked out.   The wedding invite was a beautiful cream and brown color–couldn’t ask for a better start because I love any color combination with brown.  The process got easier as I immediately thought of a Life Preservers kit that I had received a while back featuring the Prima mocha-brown mini roses and some coordinating papers by shabbygreendoor.  After that, the project came along beautifully. 

 I wanted to keep the “floating” aspect of the frame so I left some glass exposed and added the paper and mat with the invite.  On the outside of the frame, I cut up and added the Prima pearl flourish, integrated the Prima flutter vine, the Bazzill paper flower and the mini roses.   And for the finishing touches, I added the Tim Holtz HEART key and keyhole and lightly stickled the flowers to add a small bit of shine.  

 I really like the outcome and hope that my friend likes it and her friend likes it and her friends, the couple, like it……………

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3 Responses to Friend of a Friend

  1. Andrea says:

    Stunning Sharon!!! I just love it!!

  2. NanaBeth says:

    I agree-stunning is the only word.

  3. Angela L. says:

    I was also going to say “stunning” but don’t wanna be a copycat so I’ll go with…. what an amazingly beautiful touch graced by your pure talent!

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