One Perfect Photo and What I Did With It

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Have you ever had one photo that is so special, you feel that just a scrapbook page is never enough.   We all know grandmothers are very special people and mine was no exception….she watered down grape Kool-aid, made hockey pucks instead of hamburgers and wore plaid plants with floral tops but to me, she was the most beautiful person in the world.

I was devastated when she passed away and although it has been many years, I still feel the loss of her in my life.  Although my girls were small and got to meet her, I wish that all my children would have gotten the chance to know and love her like I did.

I have one photo that I treasured above all others I have of her…..and I wanted to do something really special with it so I started a project of love.  I knew I wanted something to showcase the photo and what better way to do that than with lights.  And I knew I wanted a “shabby chic meets victorian” look that would somehow work with lights (not an easy feat my friends I must admit).

But I was very pleased with the end result………..I started with an 8×8 glass block (the kind you can insert a string of lights inside), added a doily on top and a decorated frame with the adored photo inside.  I then added a  border around the block using punched cardstock and pattern paper.   From there, I created a cascade of stickled roses, leaves, and pink pearls down from the frame to the middle of the glass block.  I then added another string of floral lights hidden inside the cluster of roses to create a nice glow to them.   Now I have the perfect display to showcase that one perfect photo.   Thanks for looking!!

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3 Responses to One Perfect Photo and What I Did With It

  1. Donna Woods says:

    This is stunning!!

  2. Wanita says:

    That is absolutely breathtaking Sharon! What a wonderful tribute to your Grandma 🙂

  3. Pat says:

    That is one of the most beatiful glass blocks I have ever seen,I have seen 100’s but yours tops the cake.Wonderful Job! I’am just wondering how you got the picture frame to stay on the block securely?

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