Hornets and Bubbles – Two Projects

Project #1

So…remember the free bug cupcake wrapper file from the previous post HERE…….well, I got the perfect chance to use it.  My son’s school is Hening Elementary and their mascot is a hornet.  This week is Teacher Appreciation Week at their school and I wanted to place some cupcakes in the teacher’s lounge so they can enjoy a nice treat.  All this combined lead me to making some personalized cupcakes that were truly a hit.

I started out by cutting the bee wrapper (one of three choices–bees, ants and ladybugs) for each of these yummy yellow cupcakes that I purchased (that’s right, I bought them…can’t bake and be creative at the same time, now can I?).  I then glittered the bees with crystal stickles, added black paper behind the wrapper to create the stripes on the bodies and then added some bling to the antennae.  I then made “Hening Hornets” picks to stick into the cupcakes to bring it all together.

Project #2

I have been getting my grandson a lot lately and he loves playing outside so I decided that I would make him something where he can have access to and store bubbles when he is over my house, preferably outside…HA.

I found this wooden gate piece that was perfect for holding small bottles of bubbles (the kind you buy for weddings) so I painted it, decorated it, added “Grandkids make you bubble over with joy” and hung it outside on the back porch so when he comes over, he can grab a small bottle of bubbles and blow to his heart’s content.

The smaller size bottle of bubbles is perfect for those quick bubble-blowing sessions because you know grandkids can get bored with one thing after a while and also you can then toss the bottle away right after without having to clean up the sticky, icky bottle for the next time.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to view my projects……..Sharon

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One Response to Hornets and Bubbles – Two Projects

  1. Marla H. says:

    Great projects. Love the box you made for bubbles – super cute idea!!

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