WOW…six months since my last update! and Why

Well, I have no excuse for not blogging sooner but I have been super busy……..both my daughters have given me two more bundles of pure sweetness…..Riley was born on July 11 and Kaylee was born on Oct 4……and including my Caleb man, that makes three grandbabies for this NONI.

Noni with Caleb and Riley…boys everywhere!!!

Noni loving on Kaylee…not so sure she was getting as much out of it as I was, HA!!

When cousins meet……”Really, is she coming home with us, tell me your joking”

I also have lots of product examples to show you all from MME, BoBunny, Authentique, Best Creations and more. I promise this will go up in a couple of days and not six months from now. Until then……stay safe and love without regret!!!

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3 Responses to WOW…six months since my last update! and Why

  1. Congratulations! I also became a grandma again (11th grandchild) while you were gone. Damien was also born in July. They sure do fill our time. Oh…..enjoy them little ones while you can. They grow up way too quick. We miss you but I am sure everyone understands if you want to take more time off.

  2. Sandy W says:

    Awesome pictures Sharon and just look at how handsome Caleb is already. I love your caption for the “Cousins Meet” picture. Be sure to keep this one handy to show them again when they are fighting 10 years from now. Congratulations on the two new little ones.

  3. Cath says:

    Congratulations! You’ve got 3 adorable grandchildren to fawn over! How wonderful! 🙂

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