Hello Old Friend

Seems I have been a little neglectful to this blog but no more….I have taken a new vow to keep it updated and fresh….

….with that being said, so much has come to pass since my last post and I will try to cover everything….I now have 6 grandbabies (3 of them within the last year) and just to refresh that is Caleb, Riley, Kaylee, Paislee, Trinity and Everlee….so that makes one busy Noni for sure but I can’t lie….I love every minute of it.

I have come off the road doing the scrapbook shows like Creating Keepsakes and Scrapbook Expo because I had custody of one of my grandchildren for a while and well, it made sense to stay home with a newborn.  While that definitely did not diminish my love of scrapbooking or creating beautiful things with paper…, I did have to take some time to concentrate on family but baby…I’M BACK!!!!! …and I have gotten to do it all in the comfort of my home surrounded by beautiful babies!!

My last post tells a story of one of my grandbabies turning one….wow…two years…..so many parties/projects/crafty love since then which I would love to share with you…..birthdays, baby showers, a wedding and more.  I love creating banners and backdrops for the parties most of all.  And I promise….I will post ALL in the next couple days but lets start with baby showers!!!  I have done three in the past year….a nautical themed one, a Mommy To Bee one, and a Baby Is Brewing theme which was actually held at a local brewery.


Nauitical Boy Baby Shower…..Food Table….jello sailboats my fave!!!


Nautical Boy Baby Shower….Favors….Crab boxes with sea salt caramel chocolates and pails with bath salts made with, of course, sea salt!


Nautical Boy Baby Shower….Invite….a 3D box type that was folded to fit in envelope.



Mommy To Be Baby Shower….peanut butter ball with baby bee


Mommy To Bee Baby Shower….peanut butter ball in packaging


Mommy To Bee Baby Shower….miniature parfaits with banana pudding and crumbled oreo…yum!!


Mommy To Bee Baby Shower…..chocolate dipped oreo with baby bee


Baby Is Brewing Baby Shower….vegetable/food


Baby Is Brewing Baby Shower….chocolate cupcakes with edible butterfly, individually boxed


Baby Is Brewing Baby Shower….Favors….Beer mugs that I etched with logo of local brewery (with permission from them of course…thanks Center Of The Universe) using my Cricut, vinyl and etching cream, wrapped Hershey bar and COTU keychain.


Baby Is Brewing Baby Shower….the expecting couple


Baby Is Brewing Baby Shower….banner with baby Trinity’s name featured at food table.


Baby Is Brewing Baby Shower…another view of baby Trinity’s banner at food table


Baby Is Brewing Baby Shower…..photo backdrop…oh how I love doing these!!!


Baby Is Brewing Baby Shower….decorated basket



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