A Noni’s Labor of Love

For my granddaughter’s third birthday (the princess one in the post below), I wanted to create something that she would love and use all year.  She is a sassy one and really thinks she was born into royalty so after buying her several princess dresses and shoes, I decided that she needed her own wardrobe for all her pretty things.

Once word got out that I was looking for a dresser to convert, this showed up at the right time and the right price…free. 


I spent several days just looking at it and trying to transform it in my head….I knew I wanted the colors pink and gold to match her party and I knew the plastic pieces were coming out and I considered taking the pull-out keyboard rest completely out but at this point, I  had an epiphany….so i turned it on its side and went from there….sanding and priming and painting first.

I had bought, about a year before,  two “castle pieces” at a thrift store that I figured I could paint and add to the design. I accented the castle pieces with gold glitter duct tape along with a couple strips on the wardrobe itself….


I bought a beautiful hot pink quilted fabric that i used to line the “closet” part of the project and one of the smaller cubby holes…I simply put some padding on a piece of plyboard and pulled the fabric over it and stapled it from the back….


I added scrapbook paper to the other cubby holes, attached the castle pieces and added a rod to hang all her princess dresses…


As a final touch, I added a different handle to the pull-out keyboard rest and put small hooks on the inside….I then went through my jewelry and gave her plenty of pieces to play with…



In all, what I ended up with was something very different than what I started with and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the final results…



Last step was to add all the things a princess will need….and then you have one happy little birthday girl!!


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