The Pumpkin King in December

I know it is December and we should be thinking lights, tree and presents but I wanted to share a costume I made my grown daughter for Halloween to wear to work….a costume based on the character Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas (see how I tied that all together…hehe).  This was another one of those “Mom I need….and did I tell you I need it tomorrow” kind of projects!  But I am one of those people that work well under pressure so I got to work…..


The shirt was first…just cut out a face from felt and put on a black tank top…the felt had an adhesive backing so it was really easy. 


The bat bow tie was a little challenging as I did not have a white marker so I used yarn to accent and added eyes and some hanging beadwork.


Next was a set of gloves….I bought these for $1 and just chopped the fingers off (for effect and also because she had to be able to mix drinks) and decorated. 


The hat was just a little top hat I created with paper, ribbons, feathers and beads.  I attached the mini to a headband. 


The skirt was made like a tutu….I used tulle and coordinating fabric on an elastic waistband.  We purchased the tights and voila!!!!…costume all done!!


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